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One Bite Rule

Is the “One-Bite Rule” applicable in California Dog Bite Cases? In the majority of dog bite cases in California, the “one bite rule” is not used or applicable. Instead, even if the dog has never bitten anyone or displayed aggressive tendencies, state law holds dog owners completely accountable for injuries caused by their canines. The […]

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Euthnasia Requirements

Following a dog bite, what are the stipulations concerning euthanasia of the attacking dog? In California, euthanasia can be a consequence of a dog bite attack if the dog in the following circumstances:• The dog is found to have rabies,• The dog has bitten a minimum of two people• The dog has been bred for […]

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Veterinarian’s Rule

The “Veterinarian’s Rule” in the context of Dog Bite Legislation in California The “Veterinarian’s Rule” details a category of inherent risk assumption in dog bite cases. This rule proclaims that someone who works with dogs in a professional or occupational capacity, voluntarily assumes the risk of a dog bite unless the following conditions are met: The following […]

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In California, is a “trespasser” eligible to pursue a dog bite lawsuit? Contrary to popular belief, a trespasser can sometimes hold a dog owner liable for a dog bite injury. However, the trespasser must be able to prove the dog owner’s negligence. Trespassers are unable to claim California’s dog bite statutes, which affords conventional dog bite […]

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Uninsured Owners

No Dog Owner Insurance in the Context of Dog Bite Lawsuits You are eligible to file a dog bite lawsuit even in the case that the dog owner lacks insurance. However, it is important to note that, in this case it is probable you will struggle to recover adequate financial compensation for your damages, even […]

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Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorneys

If have suffered from a dog bite and you are in the greater Los Angeles area, our experienced and extremely well versed, Los Angeles dog bite lawyers are ready to assist you. Every day, close to 1000 individuals are treated in hospital emergency rooms for nonfatal, dog bite-related injuries and wounds. If you or a […]

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Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases

In dog bite cases, does California adhere to strict liability? In California, legislation dictates that for dog owners to be held strictly liable if their animal bites or attacks another person. The dog bite victims, upon bringing lawsuit forward, are not beholden to prove that the attacking dog had a history of biting others previously. […]

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Statute Of Limitations

The “Statute of Limitations” as it pertains to a California Dog Bite Lawsuit The time window, or statute of limitations, in California to pursue a dog bite lawsuit is two years from the date that injury transpired. Failure to pursue the lawsuit within this allotted time frame will for the most part entail that the […]

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Homeowners Insurance

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Offer Coverage For Dog Bites In California? In California, homeowners insurance can offer coverage for a dog bite incident. Although, consistent coverage is not the case across the board. Some homeowners’ insurance policies require policy holders to opt into specific dog bite coverage. Additionally, some homeowners’ insurance policies wholly deny coverage to […]

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Quarantine Requirements

Does California law mandate quarantine after a dog has been someone? According to California dog bite legislation, dog are mandated a quarantine period of a minimum of 10 days after attacking and biting a human. It is legally required to report this incident to local public health authorities, which in turn precipitates the quarantine period […]

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Dog Bites a Dog Walker

Who is rendered liable in the event that a dog bites a professional dog walker? A professional dog walker, employed by a company to walk dogs, may experience challenges in securing a dog bite lawsuit victory in the state of California. California’s dog bite statute attributes strict liability in the case of a dog biting […]

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Dog Bites Another Dog

Does the protection of California’s dog bite legislation extend to dogs that are attacked? California law allows people who have dogs that are attacked by other dogs, to sue the liable dog owners for damage. California’s dog bite status, Civil Code 3342, however, is not applicable in such a case, as these damages would fall […]

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Dog Bite Settlements

Compensatory Settlements Pertaining to Dog Bites in California As of 2021, California was noted to have the highest number of claims filed pertaining to dog bites per capita: a figure slightly over 2000 claims. The average compensatory dog bite settlement resulted in nearly $60,000 per individual claim. Additionally, in 2021, insurance companies paid out almost […]

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Doctor Reporting Obligations

Do doctors in California have an obligation to report dog bites? According to California state legislation, doctor are required to report dog bite incidents for which their medical treatment or evaluation services are requested. Doctors are obliged to report such incidents even if the dog bite does not result in serious injury or bodily harm […]

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